Bill Murray-Bruce


In his own words


My name is Bill Murray-Bruce and I have been coaching since 2016, working with a variety of different age groups ranging from reception age children to adults.

Coaching a range of different age groups has allowed me to shape and mould my coaching philosophy, which focuses on the importance of enjoying your activity, using the right mindset to develop your skills (especially in competitive scenarios) and always behaving in a sportsmanlike manner.

Applying this philosophy has allowed me to utilise my strengths within coaching sessions I run. For example, I offer a lot of verbal encouragement to participants including advice on skill development. This can be helpful for those lacking in confidence needing energy and enthusiasm, especially at challenging times.  I also believe in practical demonstrations to help them visualise what is being asked of them to complete the activity successfully.

Throughout my time coaching I achieved the following qualifications:

  • NCFE Level 1 awarded in alcohol awareness
  • NCFE level 2 awarded in volunteering in Football
  • The F.A Emergency aid work shop
  • F.A learning safeguarding children work shop
  • Level 1 awarded in coaching Football (QCF)

I also have a degree from Hertfordshire University in Sports Studies giving me the knowledge to apply theory to practice within my coaching sessions on a daily basis.



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